There is Greatness in Me

Bashirah and the Amazing Bean Pie- An Eid Story 

Invite Your Children To Enjoy The Rich And Beautiful Culture Of African American Muslims. Bashirah And The Amazing Bean Pie Shares A Fantastic Story Of A Multi Generational African American Muslim Family. A Ramadan and Eid Story A Heart Warming Tale Filled With Faith, Food And Family. Join Bashirah As She Celebrates The Eid Holiday! Celebrating Diversity.

There is Greatness in Me

This Is Why We Pray

Build a bond with Allah through this top choice in Islamic books for kids ages 5 to 7

Join Aliya and Amar as their Mama and Papa tell them all about the Five Pillars―especially salah. One of the most engaging Islamic books for kids, this book helps you learn what it means to pray, discover how it helps you grow closer to Allah, and hear awesome stories from the Quran that teach even more about the importance of salah.

There is Greatness in Me

There is Greatness Within Me

With colorful and engaging illustrations and inspirational text, There is Greatness In Me simplifies essential life skills. Called the secrets to success for children. Written to motivate children to believe in themselves and shoot for the stars. Sure to have your child shouting the books mantra ” There Is Greatness in Me” “If I can dream it I can achieve it!” Can sit comfortably on any elementary school book shelf or a wonderful addition to your home library.

There is Greatness in Me

GAME OVER – Life Outside of Video Games

Does your child play video games all the time? Game Over , Life Outside of Video Games Chronicles the experiences of 11 year old Anwar Diggins after his video games were taken away. Game Over encourages children to play outside, spend time with family and find things to do outside of games. A must read for the gamer in your life. Written by 13 year old Anwar Diggins

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